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Rosegardens Homestay Munnar - Caring for the Environment and preserving resources for tomorrow

Responsible Tourism

Rosegardens Homestay is a family run homestay in Kerala, located in Munnar surrounded by the natural beauty of the spice plantations . Our goal is to provide our guests with a comfortable and friendly stay, while respecting the environment and the local culture. We use natural resources like solar power, rainwater harvesting, composting waste to generate energy and minimize wastages to give back to this beautiful planet we live on. we are committed to supporting sustainable tourism. 

You can be a part of this too

If you don't have the time, resources, or expertise to make a difference in the world, why not stay at Rosegardens and give yourself the chance to do so?

Stay with us, make a difference!

Rosegardens Homestay Munnar - Caring for the Environment and preserving resources for tomorrow

Eco Friendly Spice Farm

Guest having a Spivr farm tour at Rosegardens Homestay Munnar - Vanilla plant

Experience the quality of freshness in spices used in the food
We grow our own spices and use them in our cooking to make sure that you get nothing but the freshest food. Our meals are made with care using fresh ingredients and cooked with love. 

Our stay here will not only be a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of life, but also an opportunity to get to know how the Spices are grown and processed

Home grown Vegetables, Fruits and Coffee

Munnar is known for its tea plantations and aromatic spices. And if you stay with us, you'll get to experience it first-hand. Our homestay is located on an organic spice farm that allows guests to enjoy fresh air and scents of spices from within the house itself! We serve most of the Vegetables and Fruits which are grown locally. We also serve our guests with fresh Home grown and roasted Coffee. 

Garden Grown fresh Banana for the Dinner at Rosegardens Homestay Munnar

Biogas plant for Cooking gas & Manure for the Garden

Biogas plant to compost food waste to generate cooking gas and Manure for the Farm

We have taken steps to minimize the wastage by using natural resources to generate Bio-Gas energy and reduce our Carbon footprints. The plant produces biogas that we use for cooking food, as well as manure that we use for plants. This reduces dependency on fossil fuels and makes our homestay a safe place to live in.

Powering the future with solar energy

At Rosegardens Homestay, we are taking active steps to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. We have a solar energy system that heats up cold water in the Sun and store the hot water in the flask and is supplied to our home. Our implementation of this technology has eliminated the need for fossil fuels and eliminated all pollution from our home.

Hot water - Solar water heater at Rosegardens Munnar
Solar Energy used by Rosegardens Homestay supporting sustainable tourism

We are making a difference

The house is powered by solar energy and the excess energy generated is put back into the local electricity board's grid, which supplies power to other homes in the surrounding area.

Say no to plastic at Rosegardens Homestay Munnar

Reduced use of Plastic

We are also proud to be one of the few homestays in Kerala who say no to plastic - we use reusable utensils and eco-friendly products for our cooking. Additionally, we offer locally sourced dairy products and produce from our organic garden - all organic ingredients are sourced within 50 km radius of our property.

We also have locally grown organic honey, vegetables and fruits from our garden that can be bought on demand from us or harvested on your own during your stay.

Fresh spring water at Rosegardens Homestay Munnar

 Water from Natural Spring

As we live between the Cardamom plantation and hills there is unlimited water source from the spring. We use the Spring water for the house and farm. During the Summer we face a shortage which is why we have made a rainwater harvesting pond where 6,00,000 litters of water is stored for irrigation of the farm.

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